Session of August 18th, 2017

Session of August 18th, 2017

House Happenings

A few minor bills were introduced to the house on Friday, one bill to allow a consistent date for eligibility for Veteran Affairs to provide headstones for the family of veterans, that are buried in local cemeteries. The second was a bill requiring the Secretary of Defense to change the name of any military property named after anyone who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, or who aided the Confederacy. A separate bill was introduced to prohibit all federal spending on Confederate symbols.  Another bill was proposed to amend the tax code to allow for residential contractors to track their progress by percentage of the project they had completed.  Mr. Mast from Florida introduced a bill providing awards to innovative methods of dealing with harmful algal blooms. Ms. Lofgren from California, called on the executive branch to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the President from office, by claiming he is unfit for duty, she alone proposed this and it has received no support from the executive officers required to pass such a motion.  A man from Austin, Texas by the name of Gregory Watson brought up a petition to amend the Constitution to allow the President to veto portions of budgetary motions passed by Congress, but would allow Congress to override the veto by the usual 2/3rd’s vote.


Senate Scoop

The opening remarks consisted of many servicemen and women being honored and a few corporate anniversaries. However, one remark from the Honorable Ms. Lee denounced the recent incidents in Charlottsville, Virginia. During this speech, she took out of honoring the victims to denounce President Trump on his handling of the situation. She also claimed that no President in history had “ever publicly defended or tried to normalize neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, or white supremacists.” and also said, “If the President cannot recognize this difference, then it is time for a new President.” The same Honorable Ms. Lee condemned the recent attack in Barcelona in a separate remark and reaffirmed the United States solidarity with the city. There was no new action introduced at this session.

Congressional Record

My Remarks

I would like to address, Representative Lee’s first remarks. It is factually false that no president before had ever publicly normalized white supremacists, as 12 presidents owned slaves in their lives, and 8 of them retaining ownership while in office. Also,the honorable Ms. Lee may not have seen the evidence first hand of the altercation at Charlottesville, however, this was not an instance of neo-Nazis attacking innocent protesters. Some of these protesters were members of Antifa, an organization recognized in the state of New Jersey as domestic terrorists. Yes, the neo-Nazis are partially to blame for this tragedy, however, the armed Antifa is also to blame, as they appeared, seeking a confrontation, and getting more than they bargained for.

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